• Large clean, renovated Pool
  • Private Rentable Hot tub $20 (2-hr Use)
  • Covered outdoor 30'x40' event pavilion
  • Roof deck for sunset parties
  • Bat boxes to help with insect control
  • Hike & Bike Nature Trail (1 mile)
  • Arbors & hammocks
  • 2 dog parks
  • 2 Bocce courts
  • Volleyball court next to pool
  • 2 Horseshoe pits
  • 1 washer pit
  • Multiple outdoor games
  • 14-passenger shuttle
  • New large waterfall
  • Recreation hall with 4 TVs
  • Conference/meeting room
  • Exercise room
  • Billiards & ping pong
  • 4 TVs in Riverside Recreation Room
  • Golf cart rental
A group of people floating in blue tubs down a river.


Enjoy receiving VIP service transportation to & from the Guadalupe River using our tubing partner Whitewater Sports.

First, fill out your paperwork in the comfort of your Mystic Quarry Accommodation. When you are ready to go tubing, simply come to the front office, register and pay.

  • On Sunday - Friday: Whitewater Sports will run shuttles from Mystic Quarry at both 11:15 am and 12:45 pm.
  • On Saturday: one larger shuttle will run from Mystic Quarry at 11 am.
  • Please provide your party size and names to the Mystic Quarry's front desk staff at least 1 hour before the shuttle pick up times
  • Mystic Quarry will provide additional shuttles consisting of 10 to 14 people to Whitewater Sports
  • Whitewater Sports will provide return shuttles back to Mystic Quarry
  • CAUTION: at this time, Whitewater Sports in NOT allowing floaters to go to the 4th Crossing

The best part is you get to jump the registration line at Whitewater Sports and enjoy tubing even faster. Whitewater Sports uses blue tubes for individual tubers. No hot black tubes for our Mystic Quarry guests.

Let us know about your experience. We are so exciting to begin a partnership Whitewater Sports.


We offer transportation to all Whitewater Amphitheater concerts in our 14-passenger Mystic Quarry shuttle.

The cost is $10 per person for drop off and pickup. We offer on-demand pick up, so we will pick up as few as 1 person if we get called or text to pick up early. We do not require a full bus for pick up or drop off. We are committed to provide the best and most flexible Whitewater Amphitheater transportation in the Canyon Lake area.

Shuttle Picture crop

Be safe and do not drink and drive!

The Mystic Quarry Shuttle is available for transporting guests around the Texas Hill Country. Please call the MQ office at 830.964.3330 for cost and availability.